Speaking Topics

Church Services

12 People You Meet on the Road to Your Destiny

Based on the life of Joseph (Old Testament), this presentation works effectively as a Sunday sermon, but is also appropriate to any conference or church setting.  The message is especially well-received by career-oriented professionals and/or those with a call to ministry.

Topics covered include:

  • The two types of people God will send into your life…and how to respond to both.
  • Extensive exegesis of the biblical passages related to Joseph.
  • Practical recommendations on dealing with each phase of life’s journey, from childhood dreams, family and church conflicts to career setbacks.
  • If time and circumstance allow, at the close of this presentation, Donna enjoys praying prophetically over individuals  who need to hear from God about their career or calling.   She also has a gift for corporate prophetic prayer, speaking the heart of God over congregations, organizations, cities and nations. 

7 Keys to Release The Favor of God

This message, based on Donna’s book The Special Blessings Prayer, provides insight into 2 Samuel 25 to reveal the 7 Keys to Release the Favor of God in a person’s life. 

This presentation is ideal for a Sunday sermon or single session at a conference.

Topics covered include:

  • Extensive exegesis of the passage.
  • Why every unfair situation is actually an opportunity to experience God’s favor.
  • Why obstacles are often a good sign.
  • How to handle conflict in a way that invites God’s favor.
  • If time allows, Donna enjoys ending this session with an altar call and time of prophetic prayer and impartation.

Leadership Training & Workshops

Conflict Resolution

This training, based on 2 Samuel 25 and 2 Corinthians 5:19, is ideal for those in leadership, church staff or serving teams.  Can be offered as a one-day or multi-day workshop.

Topics covered include:

  • 3 Reasons Why Conflict Resolution Is Important to the Kingdom.
  • 4 Things You Must Understand About Yourself to Resolve Conflict.
  • Biblical Examples of Effective Conflict Resolution.
  • Principles of Biblical Conflict Resolution.
  • How God wants to use the Church to Influence the 7 Mountains through the application of Biblical Conflict Resolution in secular arenas.

PROPHECY: Revealing the Heart of God

This teaching is based on Donna’s conviction that prophecy is simply “The ability to accurately hear and boldly proclaim the heart of God for a person or group of people.”  She further clarifies that prophesy is not a prediction, but rather an invitation to a journey of obedience to see the will of God fulfilled.

It is ideal for any church or conference that is open to deeper revelation about the role of prophecy and those who wish to grow in the prophetic.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the true purpose of the prophetic.
  • How to grow in the prophetic gift
  • The different between the Office of Prophet and the gift of prophecy.
  • Practical guidelines for prophets and prophecy.
  • Opportunity for impartation & activation in the prophetic.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What God Is Doing: Lessons from the Life of Apostle Paul

Vital lessons from the life of the Apostle Paul for those moments we all face when we are doing our best to obey the call of God upon our lives, yet we don’t know what God is doing. Perhaps a promise has been left unfulfilled.  Or every attempt to move forward with a particular plan seems to fall short.

This practical message was given to me while serving as a missionary in the nation of Colombia and is especially appropriate for those serving in some type of ministry capacity.  

Women’s Events

The No Name Girl

Based on 2 Kings 5:1-13, this message is ideal for women’s conferences.   It empowers women to understand that God can use them to influence nations.  God cares about the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless.  And he desires to see his people speaking for him at every level of society.

This presentation includes biblical examples and principles along with inspiration and practical suggestions for personal and corporate application.

The role of prophesy, including the power of prophetic words given to non-Christians, is also clarified.